Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Practicing the Art of Etiquette - When to Kneel or Bow

Last week we discussed when it is proper to stand. Let’s move on and discuss when to kneel or bow.
Kneeling and bowing are, for the most part, interchangeable. They both may be used, in some churches, as a part of the Christian liturgy and also in the Judaism setting. They are both a sign of respect or deference. Some men kneel when proposing marriage. Kneeling is proper etiquette when meeting the Pope.
Bowing is an integral part of traditional martial arts. It is also typical of nobility and aristocracy in Europe. In the Asian culture bowing is very common.
At StarShine the kindergarten and lower class students charmingly greet visitors by putting their hands together, bowing their heads and saying Namaste – a beautiful welcoming gesture. Visit the school and say Namaste to the children and you might find yourself greeting others this way.
By Lois Jamieson
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