Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quotes & Reflection on Expectations

Today’s quotes and reflection are on expectations.
When you lead a school, district or classroom you learn that what you expect from students, teachers, parents and yourself makes a huge difference on your overall success or failure. We all need to be clear about the expectations we have and what expectations we hold for others. To me the best way to have successful schools are through clear expectations.

Here are some of the expectations that I have as Superintendent of the StarShine Schools:
1.       Expect greatness from all students.
2.       Expect every student to succeed and improve academically.
3.       Expect to work as a team with the teachers, parents and volunteers.
4.       Expect to work hard and feel exhilarated by your successes.
5.       Expect to communicate in positive ways.
6.       Expect support from the administration.
7.       Expect to have students who need and deserve one-to-one attention from you.
8.       Expect to celebrate art, music, cultures and fitness in your classroom.
9.       Expect to use technology as an integral part of the curriculum.
10.   Expect to laugh, feel happy and enjoy the year.

“A master can tell you what her expects of you.
A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.”
Patricia Neal

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