Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Music In Our Schools Month

March is Music In Our Schools Month

We have a favorite saying at StarShine, “Music is the first language.” It’s one of our Guiding Principles. Music is an important part of learning and the education process at StarShine. It’s so much fun to walk into the high school and see students gathered around practicing their guitars.

StarShine has a very special music teacher. He teaches guitar to the high school students at both of our campuses. His name is Steve McCarty. And – he is special because he is a ‘real rock star’ who formally played with the Steve Miller Band and wrote songs like, “Fly Like An Eagle.”

Steve also helps out by playing some of his great songs at our events like the 100th Monkey Breakfast and Graduation.
Steve McCarty at StarShine's 100th Monkey Breakfast
 Thanks Steve!

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