Friday, March 23, 2012

National Umbrella Month

All You Need to Know About Umbrellas

Well, she did it again. When Jan and I split up the posts writing for the week of March 19th, she managed, with slight-of-hand, to put “March is Umbrella Month” on my list.

When I Googled, Umbrella Month I found out how many parts an umbrella has, 10 umbrella songs, all I need to know about umbrella coloring books, and that I could buy a Giant Teddy Bear.  I’m not sure how that got in with umbrella information, so I’ll save it for Giant Teddy Bear Month, which surely will come along soon.

I did find out that no-one knows who invented the umbrella. They can be seen in sculptures and records from ancient Persia, China, India, Egypt, Rome and Greece and they are at least 4,000 years old.

So, I decided to tell you about my umbrellas. I probably hold the record of owning the most umbrellas in the state of Arizona – where it almost never rains.

Some of my most memorable umbrellas are:

  • The largest – my colorful golf umbrella, which was much prettier than my golf game.
  • The oldest – a navy blue silk umbrella purchased in Paris in 1965, about the size of a half dollar piece. 
  • The luckiest – a maroon and gold umbrella I carried to an ASU football game, when the sun was shining all day long.  At half-time, it started to pour down rain and I was the only fan in the stadium of 50,000 people who had an umbrella.
  • The red one I lost- I was just finished shopping in Costco, when I got to the mammoth doors to the parking lot, I realized it was pouring down rain, with high winds. I quickly pushed the magic button on my red umbrella and just as quickly, the entire end of the umbrella shot off and into the parking lot…somewhere. I never found it.

Well, I think I have covered umbrellas pretty completely.

Have a great day and pray for rain, but only if you have an umbrella handy.

By Lois Jamieson

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