Monday, March 26, 2012

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and I think that is a very good idea. After some serious pondering, I would call mine, “Showing the StarShine Kids New Places Day.”

First, of course I would have to find a magic carpet, or better yet, charter a plane big enough for everyone.  We would take off for California, where they could see and enjoy Disneyland, spend a few hours playing on the beach and riding the waves. Next, we would cross the U.S. watching all the states we fly over on a very large screen, showing the cities, and magically tasting the foods each city is famous for – like Kansas City B.B.Q. and St. Louis Ribs.

We would land in Pennsylvania at the small lake where I lived as a child. Only now, it would be winter and all the StarShine kids could go ice-skating, build igloos of ice and snow, and throw a few snowballs around. Then it would all turn to summer and the lake would be cold and clear, and we’d jump off the floating dock and swim far out into the lake.

Then we’d be off to New York City to see the Lion King musical, buy some new clothes in SoHo, ride the ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and then board the plane for Washington DC. Once there, we would visit the White House, the Supreme Court and Congress. Then walk the mall at the Smithsonian Museum, stopping at the Space Museum and others.

The StarShine Kids and I would get back on the plane for a short ride through the South, where I would show them how to eat grits with lots of butter. Next, on our trip we would head to Florida for a stop at Disney World and Epcot Center to watch the fireworks at night.

Time to head back to the West and our homes in Arizona. Of course, this is a magical holiday, so the day is very long and we are not tired at all.  We’ll sing all the way home.
Now, wouldn’t that be a great holiday for the StarShine Kids and for me, too? What would your special day look like?

By Lois Jamieson

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