Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspirational People - The Restaurant Volunteer

Now and then my husband and I go to a small local restaurant for breakfast. I have noticed an older woman who appears to work there. I also noticed that she welcomes you to a table and then walks around the restaurant saying good morning and chatting with customers, but does not take food or drink orders.

Last week I had a chance to talk to her. This is what I found out.

The women’s name is Hattie and she is a volunteer – a restaurant volunteer. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this. She comes to the restaurant in the early morning and works until 11:00 am.

In talking to Hattie, I discovered that she is a retired registered nurse, who has had a very interesting life in nursing. Now, in her retirement, she spreads her special kind of cheer to the breakfast customers at this restaurant. She gets no salary, just the joy of being with people.  She can bring a smile to your face just by her presence. What a wonderful gift Hattie has given to us.

In writing a post about inspirational people, I am always on the lookout for someone interesting to feature. I’ll admit this is a unique form of ministry and Hattie is quite unlike anyone I have interviewed. I think this is a lesson for us all. Keep your eyes open for those quiet people who go through life making other people happy. You never know where you will find them.

Thank you, Hattie, and kudos to the restaurant owners who have the foresight to have a restaurant volunteer.

By Lois Jamieson

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