Monday, June 11, 2012

3 Fun Facts from an Octogenarian

Fact One
I have written several etiquette posts about phone manners, but I did not know this fact…

The first thing ever said over a telephone was, “Watson come here, I want you.” Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, spoke this sentence. He was talking to his assistant Thomas Watson.

Fact Two
When I was a child, I spent four years in northwestern Pennsylvania, when my parents bought and renovated a summer inn. The inn was situated beside a small lake called Canadohta. The area surrounding the inn was known as the Snow Belt. Believe me, while the summers were wonderful, the winters were bitterly cold, with deep snow falling. One year my brothers actually built an igloo…

 Speaking of igloos, I just turned up the fact that snow is a good insulator. When the weather outside is as cold as -49 degrees, the temperature inside can range as high as 19 to 61 degrees, depending on how many people are inside.

The coldest it ever got at the lake, was around -30 below zero. I don’t know how warm it got inside the igloo because I was too afraid go in. I thought it might melt on me.

Fact Three
When I was younger, I played golf. I was a very low average kind of golfer, but I loved being outside on the beautiful courses. I had the good fortune of playing golf in Scotland, the birthplace of golf. Here is a quote by Tom Watson after winning the British Open for the third time…

“Winning in Scotland beats winning anywhere else. I’m a traditionalist and a sentimentalist and there’s nothing like winning a championship in the birthplace of golf. This tournament is what golf is all about. You cannot love golf any more than you do when you come down the 18th fairway of this golf course a champion.”

I was far from ever being a champion, but I understood what he meant.

By Lois Jamieson

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