Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reflection on Habits

The Power of a Habit

Do you ever take time to think about or assess your habits? Habits come in two forms; good habits that keep us moving in a positive direction and bad habits that pull us down or stall our progress. Much of the time, we’re not even aware of our habits, both bad and good.
Think for a moment about your mornings. Do you take time in the morning to meditate or pray? Do you take time to exercise? Do you review your day and your goals for the day before you actually start your day?

Or… does your morning consist of leaping out of bed, after whacking the snooze button multiple times, racing to the shower, then quickly getting dressed as you grab a cup of coffee before dashing out the door?

What are your habits when you get home from work? Is there time in your evening for family conversation? Do you take time to exercise, plan the next day and reflect on the current day? Do you spend time reading inspirational or motivational books and magazines?

Or… does your evening consist of take-out food eaten over the sink while watching the news.
Habits are life changing, in both good ways and bad. Reassess yours and see if you can change some of those bad habits into good.

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