Friday, August 12, 2011

The First Day of School – Part 2

Monday was the first day of school at StarShine. My post on July 29 -- “The First Day of School” was such huge success, so I thought it would be fun to share this year’s first day of school.
The school day starts at 8:00, but I arrived at 7:00 along with all the teachers. Here are the highlights and adventures of this year’s first day:
1.      I put my things in my office and walked out to the gate to greet students. The first student I greeted was a dog. He seemed to want to be part of the school and spent the whole time greeting students with me.
2.      At 8:00, we asked all the students to move into the cafeteria for Opening. It was great welcoming all the new and returning students to another year.
3.      We have a new dress code at the StarShine for students. Kindergarten through 6th grade kids wear t-shirts in bright primary colors with the StarShine logo. The high school students wear yellow collar shirts. All the students wear tan or black pants. They looked great!
4.      After Opening, all the students went to their classrooms. The only “glitch” was that we were short two desks and chairs that we found quickly.
5.      Later in the afternoon, I visited each classroom. The high school students were work on vision maps and choosing electives. Mr. Dawson’s 3rd through 5th grade classroom was busy learning about the new year. Ms. Smith’s 6th and 7th grade classroom greeted me with a Chinese welcome. Mr. Ciskal and Ms. Hernandez’s kindergarten through 2nd grades were counting.
6.      Overall, it was a smooth and magical day.
Welcome to a new year of school! May it be your best!
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