Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspiring People Are Everywhere - Tony

I would like to tell you about a man I admire immensely. Tony is well over six feet tall, with a shock of black hair and a most engaging smile. You might remember that Tony is the man who volunteered at StarShine Academy. With his son, he introduced chess to the students. He also donated all the chess equipment, as well as improved lighting for all the classrooms and bookshelves for the library. Not only did Tony contribute monetarily, he also gave his time.

Tony is a member of my church and a good friend.

At the same time, Tony designed and handmade small copper crosses. Tony saw that the crosses were sent to hundreds of our military serving in the Middle East. Tony has recently taken up the art of printing beautiful copies of great religious paintings. He calls them “Icons of Inspiration and Encouragement.” Tony gives them away, just as he does his copper crosses. I have many of Tony’s ‘icons’ and often pass them on to friends who are going through a bad patch and needs encouragement.

Tony is married with two sons. He manages his own successful business. It is an inspiration just being around this selfless man.

Tony is an inspiring person indeed.

By Lois Jamieson

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