Thursday, June 28, 2012

July Holidays and Websites

www.kidswithoutstuff.comHolidays in the Month of July

National Baked Bean Month
National Hot Dog Month
Air Conditioning Appreciation Month

July Holidays – Day-by-Day

July 1               Anniversary of the 1st Zoo
July 2               Ratification of the US Constitution
July 3               Stay Out of the Sun Day 
July 4               IndependenceDay 
July 7               Father Daughter Take a Walk Day
July 9               14th Amendment Ratified
July 10             Don’t Step On a Bee Day
July 11             United Nations World Population Day
July 12             Anniversary of the Etch-A-Sketch
July 15             National Ice Cream Day
July 17             Anniversary of the Opening of Disneyland
July 19             John Newbery BirthAnniversary 
July 20             Anniversary of the Special Olympics
July 24             Birth Anniversary of Amelia Earhart
July 26             Americans with Disabilities Act Signed in to Law
July 27             Walk on Stilts Day
July 30             Anniversary of the 1st Paperback Book
July 31             Anniversary of the US Patent Office

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